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Pool Players Policy


 The main goal at CAYB is to play and learn the game of baseball. Only in rare circumstances should a game be cancelled due to insufficient players. The purpose of the Pool Player Policy is to insure that games are played, and not forfeited, while insuring that no one gains an unfair advantage. The Pool Player Policy should only be used to avoid a forfeit and not to supplement a team. If a manager is found to be taking advantage of the Pool Player Policy the Board of Directors will take appropriate disciplinary action. Accordingly, the following rules shall apply to pool players:

1. All players drafted from the 6th round and down shall form the pool. Option players, hat players, and all other non-drafted players are not eligible; therefore they will not be included on the pool player list. CAYB will prepare a list of names and telephone numbers of all pool players. This list will be provided to the managers before regular season games begin. The list will not specify the round in which the player was taken.

2. Managers shall use their best efforts to anticipate the need for a pool player(s), and secure those players prior to the start of their game. If a manager can field the minimum number of required players from his team a pool player may not be used. A manager may call any player on the list and inquire about their availability. A manager may also, if needed, acquire a pool player at the field at any time prior to the game being declared a forfeit by the umpire.

3. Some formality is required in the manner that a pool player is selected. If the manager or their representative can secure an eligible player, it is a valid selection and the game will proceed as scheduled. The Player Personnel Commissioner must be contacted prior to starting the game, or if the game has already started when the pool player was acquired, as soon as possible following the end of the game with the selected pool player’s name and original team.

4. Pool players must bat in the last spot in the batting order and shall only be eligible to play in the outfield. Pool players must also play the entire game defensively. 

5. The maximum number of games that any one player may take part in as a pool player shall be 2 (6U& 8U) and 3 (10U and up). The pool players name and original team must be recorded at the bottom of the page in the official score book.

6. If a pool player is selected, and thereafter a regular player arrives after the scheduled starting time, the manager, at their discretion, may choose to play or not play the regular player defensively. If the manager does play the regular player defensively, they will not be required to complete the minimum playing time. In no case will the pool player be benched for a regular player. The late arriving player will be placed into the last spot in the batting order behind the pool player(s). 


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