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An extension of our esteemed Conroe Area Youth Baseball recreational league, Conroe Baseball Club (CBC) stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to fostering not just exceptional athletes, but well-rounded individuals of character and integrity. Born from a passion for the sport and a desire to provide an alternative to the "win-at-all-costs" mentality, CBC offers a unique platform for aspiring athletes. Our semi-annual tryouts pave the way for dedicated players to join our ranks, where they'll embark on a transformative journey of skill refinement, personal growth, and meaningful camaraderie.


Nestled within the state-of-the-art Gene Campbell Sports Complex in Conroe, TX, our teams diligently prepare under the guidance of seasoned coaches who prioritize not only the mastery of the game but also the development of vital life skills. As a proud member of the greater Houston area, CBC teams showcase their prowess in exhilarating tournaments, where they compete with tenacity and spirit.


We believe that the pursuit of excellence goes hand in hand with responsible community engagement. Through our endeavors on and off the field, we instill in our athletes the values of teamwork, respect, and perseverance—values that extend beyond baseball and into all facets of life.


For those intrigued by the transformative potential of Conroe Baseball Club, we invite you to take the first step towards a rewarding journey. To glean further insights and embark on this remarkable path, don't hesitate to reach out to us via email. Your future in baseball, personal growth, and community impact starts here with CBC.

 7UJason Hoffman 
8UStacy Chavez
9UPike Maddox
10U Ricky Quesada
11UAllen Keilers
12UJacob Brinegar
13UBrian Ware (interim)


Our Mission: At Conroe Baseball Club, our goal is to provide a year-round, competitive baseball environment focused on character and skill development as an alternative to “win-at-all-cost” select baseball. Conroe Baseball Club is committed to preparing our athletes for tournament-level baseball by fostering an environment of education and hard work while also encouraging community involvement. We believe that by doing things the right way, our players will gain the necessary skills and character attributes to succeed in the future both on and off the field. We look to promote the game and provide an outlet for interested players who are looking for enhanced competition and a longer sporting season. 

Our Vision: Conroe Baseball Club will field teams in the 7U, 8U, 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U, and 13U age divisions and are intended to represent Conroe and CAYB in select-level tournaments throughout the state. The purpose of the club team is to prepare the players for tournament baseball and familiarize them with the fundamentals and skill progression expected of them at the high school level. The Conroe Baseball Club will follow a curriculum developed by CHS coaching staff and will consist of team practices, skills clinics, scrimmages against local select teams, as well as local tournament play. By working with the CHS coaching staff, we believe that this will be the best avenue to prepare your athlete for competitive play. 


CBC is structured around our goals to:

  • Introduce the players to AAIT, and align our program with that philosophy to reinforce the “Conroe” brand of baseball.
  • Prepare our athletes for success on and off the field by promoting skill development, leadership and character. 

  • Create an “elite-level” baseball team through competition and hard work with the singular vision of preparing our athletes for high school baseball.

  • Create a “brand” of baseball that encourages the elite talent in Conroe to stay together learning the game and developing skills necessary for the next level of play.


A-Attitude: Belief that no matter what we play, baseball or checkers, I am going ot beat you.

A-Approach: Know your role within the confines of the team; a player who knows his limitations is limitless.

I-Intensity: A burning desire and passion to play and compete.

T-Toughness: Even when things are going poorly, the player maintains attitude, approach, and intensity.

Season Structure

Season Structure

  • Fall - During the fall, teams will practice and scrimmage together while also beginning tournament play through Perfect Game. 
  • Spring Before the start of our spring season, CBC will hold additional tryouts to fill open roster positions. During the spring of 2022, the team will continue to practice together as well as to participate in skills clinics, scrimmages, and tournaments through Perfect Game. 

Financial Commitment

  • Parents are responsible for purchasing their player’s uniform (2 hats and 2 jerseys).
  • Initial uniform expenses will replace August’s monthly dues.
  • Monthly dues will be expected beginning September 1, 2021 and are due by the 1st of each month. 
  • Sponsorships and team fundraisers are encouraged and will be at the head coach’s discretion.



CBC Board of Directors

CBC Directors

Jason Raverty
Ricky Quesada
Bo Bergfeld

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Conroe Area Youth Baseball

Gene Campbell Sports Complex, 3200 FM1484
Conroe, Texas 77303

Email Us: [email protected]
Phone : 936-756-0279
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