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Player Scholarship Information

Conroe Area Youth Baseball [CAYB] we are committed to providing a program that allows every child to play baseball and NOT be excluded due to a financial hardship.

Our mission is to offer an affordable program for all of our players and families while maintaining the financial health and sustainability of the league.

A limited number of full or partial scholarships are available.

Scholarships are based on the league’s annual budget, community sponsorship received, and the overall number of players registered.

Since scholarship funds are limited applicants may be asked to provide additional information to prove the player is eligible for a scholarship.

In addition, families applying for a scholarship acknowledge that the league is run by volunteers and there is an expectation that parents/guardians of scholarship recipients will give back to Conroe Area Youth Baseball [CAYB] by volunteering when possible.

We will also ask that parents and players of each awarded scholarship to make every attempt to sell One [1] extra book of raffle tickets.

ALL applications, applicant information, and application status, will be kept completely confidential and only be reviewed by CAYB Board members.
Secretary and/or Registration Commissioner.

Information WILL NOT and shall NOT be shared with anyone, including but not limited to, Commissioners not related to registration, Coaches, players, parents, or other general members.

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Scholarship Request Application


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Batting Cages (01:13 PM | 03/08/22)

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