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Player Evaluations

Player Evaluation Overview: Assessing Baseball Skills

Player evaluations are a crucial component of team formation and player development within CAYB. These assessments provide an understanding of each player's abilities, strengths, and areas for improvement, ensuring equitable team placements and fostering individual growth. Please do not mistake "Evaluations" with "Tryouts", every player will make a team! Below is an overview of the key skill areas evaluated during the process:

1. Fielding Grounders:

  • Purpose: Assess a player's ability to field ground balls effectively and make accurate throws.
  • Evaluation:
    • Technique: Observe proper fielding stance, glove positioning, and body mechanics.
    • Field Awareness: Gauge the player's readiness to react to ball direction and speed.
    • Throws: Evaluate arm strength, accuracy, and consistency when making throws.


2. Fly Ball Tracking:

  • Purpose: Evaluate a player's capability to track and catch fly balls in various outfield positions.
  • Evaluation:
    • Tracking: Assess the player's ability to read the trajectory of the ball off the bat.
    • Timing: Observe the player's timing when moving to the ball's landing spot.
    • Catching: Determine catching technique, glove positioning, and focus under pressure.


3. Throwing Accuracy and Strength:

  • Purpose: Measure a player's accuracy and arm strength when making throws.
  • Evaluation:
    • Target Accuracy: Evaluate the player's ability to hit specific targets consistently.
    • Arm Strength: Assess the velocity and distance of throws from various positions.
    • Quick Release: Observe the player's efficiency in fielding and releasing the ball.


4. Base Running:

  • Purpose: Assess a player's speed, agility, decision-making, and base-running technique.
  • Evaluation:
    • Speed: Measure the player's acceleration and sprinting ability between bases.
    • Aggressiveness: Observe the player's readiness to take extra bases and make strategic decisions.
    • Technique: Evaluate running posture, base rounding, and sliding (if applicable).
    • Awareness: Gauge the player's understanding of situational base-running and ability to read plays.


5. Hitting:

  • Purpose: Assess a player's batting technique, contact ability, and power potential.
  • Evaluation:
    • Stance and Setup: Evaluate proper batting stance, grip, and balance.
    • Swing Mechanics: Observe the player's swing path, timing, and follow-through.
    • Contact: Assess the player's ability to make solid contact with different pitch types.
    • Power: Gauge the player's potential for generating extra-base hits.


6. Pitching (If Applicable):

  • Purpose: Evaluate a player's pitching mechanics, control, and repertoire.
  • Evaluation:
    • Mechanics: Assess windup, delivery, leg drive, and arm motion for efficiency.
    • Control: Evaluate pitch accuracy and consistency within the strike zone.
    • Repertoire: Observe pitch variety, speed differentials, and overall effectiveness.


During the evaluation process, players will rotate through skill stations tailored to each of these areas. Coaches and evaluators will closely observe and record performance, utilizing a combination of objective measurements and qualitative observations. Scores and feedback will then be used to inform team placements and to guide individual skill development plans. It is important to note that this is a general outline, actual assessments may vary based on age group.


Player evaluations serve not only to create well-balanced teams but also to provide each player with the opportunity to flourish and contribute to the game. By focusing on these fundamental baseball skills, CAYB is committed to fostering a culture of growth, sportsmanship, and excellence among our athletes.

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