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CAYB 2022 Spring Season 


CAYB will form All-Star teams for the following ages:

  • 6u

  • 8u

  • 10u

  • 12u    

  • 14u    

Selection Process: Coaches (1 from each team) will nominate players from their age group for All Star consideration from their team. Players must be committed to the summer practice and tournament schedule. If you know they will not be committed, do not nominate that player.  All age group head coaches or a representative are expected to attend evaluations. Coaches who fail to come evaluate for All Stars could be deemed unable to coach at CAYB next season per CAYB Bylaws.  

Once nominated, the players are expected to attend the All Star evaluations and all head coaches within the age group will convene with CAYB personnel for the Allstar selection process. All Star nominees that do not attend the All Star evaluation are not eligible for the selection process.   Details on the selection process will be discussed prior to the selection of the All Star team(s). The selection process will be based on season performance as well as performance at evaluations. 

After the evaluations, all head coaches will meet, same day, and select the All Star teams. The team will be announced at closing ceremonies where they will receive their cap. 

Head Coaches: Head coaches will be the REGULAR SEASON CHAMPION for each division. If that coach chooses to not coach the All Star team, the opportunity will be given to the 2nd place team coach. 

The head coach will assemble his staff as he sees fit. It is recommended, but not required, that coaches already working with CAYB be used. If they are not already a coach in the league, they must be a parent of a player in the league and approved by the Board of Directors. 

Head coaches may select up to 2 assistant coaches, but CAYB will only be purchasing uniforms for the head coach and two assistants. 

Fees and Uniforms: Fees for the Spring 2022 All Stars will be $50. Each player will receive an All Star hat (provided by CAYB) and two (2) jerseys. Pants, belts, and socks are NOT included. 

CAYB will be fronting the cost of two (2) tournaments; the East Montgomery County tournament and our own here at CAYB. 

Important Dates



May 7

All Star Evaluations

  • 6u - 10:00

  • 8u - 10:30

  • 10u - 9:00

  • 12u - 9:30

Draft immediately after evaluations

All Star Coaches Meeting immediately after drafts are final

May 13 - 19 (no games on 14th or 15th)

CAYB League Tournament

May 19

Closing Ceremonies

June 5-6

East Montgomery County Tournament

June 11-12

CAYB Tournament

June 17-18

Waller Tournament

Field Status

Closed Closed

Gene Campbell Sports Complex (01:13 PM | 03/08/22)

Closed Closed

8U (01:13 PM | 03/08/22)

Closed Closed

10U (01:13 PM | 03/08/22)

Closed Closed

12U Lower (01:13 PM | 03/08/22)

Closed Closed

6U (01:13 PM | 03/08/22)

Closed Closed

12U Upper (01:13 PM | 03/08/22)

Closed Closed

14U (01:13 PM | 03/08/22)

Closed Closed

Batting Cages (01:13 PM | 03/08/22)

Closed Closed

14U 3rd Base (01:13 PM | 03/08/22)

Closed Closed

14U 1st Base (01:13 PM | 03/08/22)