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Protected Player Information

Each season, volunteer coaches are allowed to “protect” certain players for their teams. This allows for the coaches and assistant coaches to have their own players removed from the draft as well as makes some room for team requests. All 4U and 6U coaches will be allowed to protect 4 players.  8U, 10U, 12U, and 14U coaches will be allowed to protect 5 players. 

By doing this we still keep the talent levels spread out, but it also allows for our younger teams to play together longer and possibly begin to build relationships together as a team and perhaps a future Conroe Baseball Club (CBC) team. 

Protected players SHALL NOT participate in evaluation day (because they are protected) in any capacity. Parents may register in person on evaluation day, however the player should participate in evaluations. All players who participate in evaluations will be eligible for the draft - even if the player was previously protected. 

Coaches shall complete the Protected Player Form each season, for ALL the kids being protecting. ALL Protected Player submissions are due are due the Wednesday prior to the evaluations. The Google Form will CLOSE at 5:00 PM and WILL NOT be reopened. A list of protected players will be distributed after the form closes to verify each coach has all protected players listed.

The Parent and Coach Acknowledgement Form MUST be completed and turned in on DRAFT night. This ensures that you have spoken to each parent and they have agreed to their child being protected. 

Coaches, remember to INCLUDE YOUR OWN KIDS! Your own (kid) player as well as your assistant coach’s (kid) players MUST BE PROTECTED and will count towards your total number of protected players. IF ANY PROTECTED PLAYER GOES THROUGH EVALUATIONS, THEY ARE NO LONGER CONSIDERED PROTECTED and will be draft eligible! We encourage you to remind parents that they should NOT participate in evaluations!


Parent and Coach Acknowledgement Form - DUE on DRAFT NIGHT

Updated July 1, 2023

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